[He] was very responsive to our needs. I felt like we got exactly what we hoped we would get, a lawyer who could review and improve our purchase agreement to protect us and move our deal forward seamlessly. We got that. Thank you!
[He] did a great job reviewing my contract and got everything sorted out for me. Expedient and friendly service!
[He] is responsive, knowledgeable, not only polite and respectful, but truly inspires confidence in me, his client. I highly recommend [him] to anybody needing an excellent attorney.
All of my questions were answered and I was given some things to check into prior to making the decision as to how to proceed with our estate planning. Thanks.
[He] is very easy to talk with and the consultation was very useful and productive. I have been advised on points I have completely missed at the early stage of my incorporation. Great help.
Answered all of my questions. Was clear, gave me reference points. Very professional, and polite.
[He] was brilliant at helping us ascertain the best method to an extremely sensitive legal situation. This made the process which could have been complicated, completely smooth.
[He] was fantastic. He was very clear and gave great direction. I'd recommend him to anyone who needs guidance.
[He] quickly assessed my situation and had some excellent ideas. I thought I was going to have to pay to dissolve an LLC in one state and start a new one in another. [He] had several alternatives. He saved the day by telling me who to call and what to ask. Now, instead of a big mess and a headache, I have direction and peace of mind. Thank you!
[He] was very helpful and informative! I highly recommend him!
Very professional, curtious, explained in great detail to understand, and treated me like a client and not a number! Overall was a terrific experience and highly recommended!
This was my first legal "Last Will & Testament", my living will and power of attorney. During my consultation with [him], he pointed out some issues that needed my attention. While these matters were small, they were nevertheless important to insuring that my last will properly addressed my final wishes as to the distribution of my property and assets. After my consultation, I was confident that everything regarding my last will was in order.
I could not have taken care of this case without the wonderful help of [my attorney]. I tried many times to get this company off my back about a contract that they said I was responsible for and I did not feel I was. With the help of [my attorney] I was able to get the company to see they were wrong in their actions against me and everything was taken care of. [He] even made it so I didn't ever have to see the men who were harassing me. He is a true gentleman and a wonderful lawyer! He kept me informed every step of the way and made sure I was comfortable with all the actions being made. [He] went above and beyond the call of duty and I appreciate everything he has done! I will definitely tell everyone I know about how he helped me and tell them to trust him with their legal issues!
[He] was very friendly and easy to talk to. Discussing my business with him put me at ease with what I was doing with my business now and gave me some options to where I could head in the future.
[He] was very helpful and knowledgable, but moreover, he was friendly and kind and supportive. I already had another consultation with a lawyer from another state and after felt really defeated about starting my business. I almost felt like he was talking me out of it. [He], on the other hand, restored my faith in myself that I can do this and make my dream become a reality. He is a person I would want on my side and am so happy I was able to consult with him on my current legal matters. I can't thank him enough for a wonderful consultation and hope I have another opportunity to speak with him in the future.